Glove Party is a collective that was born in Barcelona in 2014 and has been active ever since. Founded by Daniele Zonza, also known as Zonzo and Josep Xortó has all the ingredients for the right Disco soup. Its name, Glove, comes from the concept of wearing Love in order to connect with others. What distinguishes Glove Party from any other party is that at every event there is always a spirit of union among both its organisers and attendees that serves to create an absolutely magical atmosphere.

The formula

Strictly Positive Disco Music + Decoration (of Venue & People) = Good vibes

To make this happen, Glove Party breaks the ice by forging a strong bond with its partygoers and ensuring that every Glover becomes properly introduced to the show as part of a movement rather than any other classic club soirée.

Glove Party has Carlo Simula, Sonido Tupinamba, Yann Eras, Black and Deckard and Sweet Charity Dj’s as well as Josep Xortó and Daniele Zonza aka Zonzo as resident Dj’s on its team and they all keep a busy agenda on their own.

The audience has seen all kinds of performances take place in all kinds of ambiences non-stop for the past five years: national and international Dj’s, live bands, performers and artists that have gradually become one sweet family that is united in the name of fun times, the love for music and dancing brothers & sisters.

Responsible for preserving all of our magical memories is Marc Medina with his precious shots .

Glove Party has recently created a festival as well, The Landing 2018. 35 international guests from all sides of the world all reunited for three days at a very freak spot in Palma de Mallorca. Check out video! A second edition is on its way being planned for 2020.

They have also seen their own record shop open in Barcelona during 2019. A unique underground shop that shares music on vinyl for dreamers like themselves.

Glove Party currently takes place every 2 weeks at This Side Up in Barcelona and is open to finding new adventures & collaborations.